Erik Stuer


Erik Stuer was born in 1955 in Zwijndrecht, near Antwerp. When he was fourteen years old he started at the art school in Beveren and he took lessons there three times a week outside his normal education . Afterwards, he spent another year drawing portraits at the art school in Sint-Niklaas. But then normal life caught up with him and he started studying to become a teacher. After his studies he has spent most of his life educating children in Zwijndrecht. But his real dream has always been to live a bohemian lifestyle and to express his creativity through his paintings and drawings.

That is why he has been taking lessons with Belgian painter Maarten Boffé for more than twenty years now, in order to further perfect his painting style and skills.  

Throughout his life he has been fascinated by the works of the old masters such as Rubens, Rembrandt,… who are his source of inspiration. That is why he sometimes ventures to create the works of the old masters themselves. But he prefers to make his own works so he can see his works grow and he can use his creativity in his paintings.

Erik Stuer has already given several exhibitions in and around Antwerp. He is now looking to be able to share his works with more people and that is why there will be more exhibitions in the near future. if you are interested, you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about his new exhibitions.

Picture of Erik Stuer

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